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Production modules

Using the production modules, you can do the setup of a complete MES system. OPC UA is used as the backbone to be able to communicate in all directions with different types of hardware. Depending of the used modules, you can scale the application to follow your needs and the needs of the factory.


Maintenance modules

An easy maintenance registration is the beginning of a good maintained factory. From operator till manager, everyone gets the tools he needs to register, execute and follow up the maintenance tasks. The maintenance engine makes it possible to schedule the necessary maintenance tasks.


Logistics modules

A production environment had need for optimized logistical flows. These modules support those flows from pré-reception until shipped materials. Also inventory identification is supported in the different steps. The modular setup of the application, makes integration with automated equipment very easy.


Quality modules

The quality of your product is our focus! High quality is only possible by checking, measuring, evaluating. Dependent of the quality checks to execute, there can be inline or offline measuring that generates the base to decide if the product is good or not. Also for these modules is integration with hardware very useful: camera images, weighing device, lab equipment,…


General resource management

A central datastore to maintain all resources is essential for all modules.

Master data management

The key for all the production operations is the product itself with all his properties, definitions, targets,…

Labeling software solutions

Linkworx is reseller of Nicelabel. Nicelabel is the leading label software on the market and the largest Windows compatible driver manufacturer in the world.


Innovative system


Autonomous system

We provide high quality solutions

We provide high quality solutions for the supervision, analysis and optimisation of manufacturing and logistic operations, fully integrated with, and, supporting the connected systems

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