Production modules

Using the production modules, you can do the setup of a complete MES system. OPC UA is used as the backbone to be able to communicate in all directions with different types of hardware. Depending of the used modules, you can scale the application to follow your needs and the needs of the factory.


Dynamic OPC UA modeling

The modeling tools allow a technical user to build without any code a logical structure of a production line / equipment. By building the model and linking that with the multiple supported underlying systems, you can build a runtime database with data from and to multiple hardware and or software. Scada integration
becomes very easy with this approach.

The UA Serveris the core of the Linkworx Application Server. Every UA Client is able to communicate with this server using the UA technology. Exchange of data becomes very easy!


Intelligence Technology

Material Consumption
Manual Registration, backflush, measurement via plc,… All possibilities are in place to register the material consumption in production.

Material Production
There are multiple methods to report production numbers, in a manual or automated way or even using a combination. Not all measuring methods are accurate, think about weight, length… What means that data validation is required before approving the numbers generated by a plc.
Pallets can be identified by manual or automated pallet labeling. Controls scans can be in place to guarantee the correct label on the pallet.

Material Retour
Materials that are not consumed can be brought back to the warehouse after getting the correct identification.



Scrap registration allows to identify materials that have been produced but that cannot be used as good product. The different reasons assigned to the scrap quantities allow you to analyse the main causes of scrap. This is an important registration to become a correct quality percentage in the OEE calculation.

Rework is quantity of a production that is not ready to be used in the next production step or to sell, but need some extra effort to become a qualified product. These products can be reworked in a seperate production.

Item / lot / pallet
The master data of the product decides the inventory level that is used for that product. Dependend of that inventory level the logic will ask for the necessary information.


Performance tracking

The configuration of an installation allow to defined how disturbances are captured: manual, based on time or by plc. These information generates disturbance period. Per disturbance period, the reason needs to be assigned.

The disturbance reasons can be created on level of resourcegroup, resource or in general. Every reason gets a predefined category to let the system calculated the OEE numbers. The category will decide if the disturbance will be part of planned- or unplanned maintenance, no demand, …


Labour tracking

Direct hours
One single operator login or logout registration can result in detailed labour information.

Indirect hours
Durations that are not related to the manufacturing order can be registered.